Fire Eating Mastery at Your Finger Tips

If you want to learn the Art of Fire Eating and 12 other Fire Manipulation tricks but can’t find a reputable instructor in your area, this DVD is your answer. All the information you need, multiple demos, and clear instruction from Fire Eating Expert, Carisa Hendrix.

Learning is Easier Than You Expected with:

  • Clear and easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Comprehensive and complete safety section
  • A program that builds skills and confidence gradually
  • Trouble shooting tips and multiple demonstrations
  • A full range of Fire Manipulation Stunts beyond basic Fire Eating
  • Torch building instructional videos

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A Note From Your Instructor, Carisa Hendrix

Since releasing this DVD in 2010, I have loved seeing all of your videos and photos. It has been incredible to share my deepest passion with the world and see it ignited in others.

Your stories have been inspiring, you have started local fire eating clubs and done amazing performances. I’ve had the chance to meet and work with so many of you, it has been an incredible ride.

Please feel free to contact with me and share your progress or ask questions. It’s always wonderful to hear from students and fire bugs. 🙂

DVD Reviews

“Because of this awesome DVD I was able to actually eat fire in three days.” – S. Brenzy via Amazon

“This dvd is jammed packed FULL of important info and tips to this beautiful art! definitely consider this dvd if learning to learn fire eating!” – callisto13fire via Amazon

“Very straight forward, and covering all the basics, this video had me eating fire in a matter of hours. Just remember to shave your arm hair!” – Chris Klima via Amazon

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