About The How to eat Fire DVD

There are only a few real secrets to eating fire. Confidence, safety and good technique are what really lie behind this beautiful and mysterious art. Torches do not burn with ‘cold flames’ nor is there any special substance in the performer’s mouth other than saliva. It’s all skill, a skill you can learn.

The History For Fire Eating

Fire eating was a common part of Hindu, Sadhu, and Fakir performances to demonstrate spiritual attainment. It became a part of the standard sideshow acts in the late 1880s and is often seen as one of the entry-level skills for sideshow performers. Read more on our Fire Art Resource site at Firepedia.com

The DVD Includes:

• Thorough Safety Section
• Comprehensive Breakdowns
• Animated Demonstrations
• Performance Demos
• Multiple Demonstrations
• Trick Variations
• How to Build a Torch
• Expert Interviews
• Bloopers & Extras

“The Most Comprehensive Way to Learn Fire Manipulation”

With clear instruction, multiple demonstrations and additional clips from an actual fire eating class, this DVD is perfect for the complete novice and the seasoned fire bug alike.

Add Fire Eating To Your Act

Fire eating is the perfect, high impact finale for magicians, fire jugglers, poi and fire hoop dancers, and street performers. It instantly boosts the caliber and value of your show.

Is Fire Eating For Me?

Fire eating can be a safe, fun, and empowering hobby when you are taught proper techniques and safety guidelines. Miss Hendrix has instructed all kinds of people, from high power business executives to a mother of six and her two daughters.

Your Instructor

Miss Hendrix has spent years building her skill in the art of fire eating and creating new trick combinations and grander fire stunts. With her background in education and entertainment she produced North America’s first instructional DVD on Fire Eating as a response to all the dangerous contents growing on the web. Hendrix has received rave reviews for both the DVD and the live class.

Fire Eating Workshops

Even if you have never played with fire in your life, Carisa’s live class will turn you into a fire eater. Check the sidebar for upcoming classes or email us to bring her to your city.

Email us info@wickeddesign.ca to find out when Carisa is doing a live class in your town or city.

The How To Eat Fire DVD is produced and distributed In collaboration with Firepedia and UDC Canada

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