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What Fuel Do I Use For Fire Eating?

Naphtha(AKA white gas) is the only way to fly. You can buy it in various forms: Coleman’s Premium camp stove fuel, VM&P naphtha, Ronsonol, and Zippo lighter fluid. Check out the full explanation I wrote for Firepedia… Read the full answer here

Which Fire Torch is Right For Me?

There is no real universally perfect fire eating torch that will suit all skill levels, body types and styles. For this reason it’s not fair or accurate to attribute a star rating, since different people will be looking for different qualities in a torch. After much deliberation we decided to create a simplified comparison chart that offers the most important information at a glace to help you make the best choice for you… Read the full answer here

If you are uncertain about how each quality affects the use and feel of a torch there is a guide below that offers further explanation.

Where Do You Get Fire Insurance?

You will need fire insurance if you ever want to do a public show.  They will require you to obtain a fire permit and you need insurance to get your permit.

In the past I have used S.A.F.E or Specialty Insurance, both are phenomenal. There are more options however, head to Firepedia’s Fire Insurance Page for more information.