What Fuel Do I Use For Fire Eating?

What Fuel is Used for Fire Eating?

Naphtha(AKA white gas) is the only way to fly. You can buy it in these forms: Coleman’s Premium Camp stove fuel, VM&P naphtha, Ronsonol, and Zippo lighter fluid. Check out the full explanation I wrote for Firepedia and review the MSDS Sheet.

Why Is naphtha (AKA white gas) best for fire eating?

The low flash point in combination with its ability to vaporize quickly make naphtha ideal for trailing as well as vapor tricks. Other fuels such as kerosene are far more dirty and smelly when burning and can cause chemical phenomena when inhaled.

Is Ronsonol the same as white gas?

In a way, they are both naphtha products however they have slightly different properties. In a pinch Ronsonal will work, but white gas is a cheaper, cleaner solution.

Where is the best place to find white gas? Is Coleman fuel the same as white gas?

It really depends the country you live in. Typically anywhere you can buy camp stoves you will find white gas. The regular Coleman’s Camp stove fuel is what professionals use.