Ultimate Kit

From Bearclaw Manufacturing A Kit to Make Any Fire Bug Drool

Are you a big fire bug? Having trouble finding everything you need to get started? This kit is perfect for new fire bugs, and a dream for busy professionals; the Bearclaw performance kits have basic tools in a complete deluxe fuel station. The fuel station is lockable and self-sealing, and all the tools fit inside, many with room to spare. Ideal for the busy performer who needs to travel light and secure.

This ideal fire eating kit comes with a set of Bearclaw Manufacturing’s acclaimed “Perfect Torches”, a set of their regular Fire Eating torches (ideal for beginners), and a copy of our own instructional video “How To Eat Fire”. These lightweight spinning and eating torches pack a whole lot of show in a small space. The eating torch body includes a small ball for light spinning. The fire eating torch comes with a smaller, all kevlar head that’s just right for learning. The perfect torch head is a hybrid wick with recessed attachment hardware for safety. But don’t let this little barrel wick fool you, it packs enough fire for spinning, vapor tricks, contact, or just about anything you can do with any torch.

The Kit Includes

Set of Standard Fire Eating Torches
Set of Bearclaw’s Signature “Perfect Torches”
Steel storage box (20″)
2 vapor seal fuel cans (1/2 gallon)
Square yard of duvetyne (Fire Blanket)
Bearclaw oil lighter
Burn safety first aid kit
Also Includes a copy of the “How to Eat Fire” DVD

The best tools, an amazing safety and fuel set and all from a company you trust.

All kits come with a deluxe fuel station that includes: 1 steel storage box (20″, red), 2 vapor seal fuel cans (1/2 gallon) with opener, a square yard of duvetyne, and a Bearclaw oil lighter. Everything you need.

All kits are geared to supply beginners with everything they need, and professionals on the go. The two fuel cans automatically seal and stay forced shut when the kit is assembled. Also, the design of this set-up allows performers to remove the tray and leave some tools soaking in the cans while the box lid is closed and secure.

Where’s the Old Kit?

We are so excited to say that the 2010 “Essential Fire Eating Kit” completely sold out in only 4 months. Thank you for making this possible. We have decided to endorse the Bearclaw kit and not produce a 2nd round.